Battery Buddies
If you have these...

Then you need Battery Buddies!

Battery Buddies are color coded vinyl caps that fit on popular Deans Ultra*
T-style electrical connectors.

Battery Buddies come in two colors to help you keep track of which batteries are ready to use and which need a recharge.

With color coded batteries, it's easy to avoid the surprise of running a discharged battery! Battery Buddies show charge status at a glance.

Molded finger grips make it easy to attach and remove the caps.

Use Red Battery Buddies on fully-charged batteries, and
Black Battery Buddies to indicate batteries that need a charge.

Just remember: Black = Dead, Red = Go-Ahead

Battery Buddies also protect your battery against dangerous short circuits by completely covering the exposed terminals.

Battery Buddies fit the male and female Deans style connectors...

...And have a variety of other handy modeling applications!

Carb plugs

Glow igniter caps

Exhaust plugs

$5 plus S/H for one package of 6 Battery Buddies!
(3 Red, 3 Black)

* Deans Ultra is a registered trademark of the W.S. Deans Co.

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